ach-by-cliqToday it’s nearly impossible to do business without the ability to process payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. It benefits both companies and customers by quickly and safely processing billions of payments every year.

If you don’t provide ACH payment processing, you will likely lose business. But with the wrong payment processing provider, you may risk higher costs and fees – and these days every dollar counts.

ACH the CliqPay Way

ACH by CliqPay makes it easier to accept electronic check payments, decrease paper check processing costs, and increase sales. It also generates real-time reporting data that makes it easier to track receivables, manage resources and boost cash flow. These reports are encrypted to protect both your company’s security and your customers’ private information.

Every day is a busy one in business – the less time you can spend on payment processing, the better. That’s why we’ve made our solution not just safe, but fast and convenient as well. It simplifies the payment process by electronically debiting your customers’ bank accounts, which is less costly than traditional check service technologies.

Why CliqPay for ACH Payment Processing Services?

Convenience is important but so is cost. Your fees will be lower with CliqPay than they would with a typical ACH processor. Other benefits include:

  • The ability to accept payments from any computer with Internet access
  • Fast authorizations
  • No more trips to the bank or having to remember account and routing numbers. Funds are automatically deposited into your account
  • Direct transfer of payments to customers
  • Detailed ACH reports and excellent customer service

While you take care of your customers, CliqPay will handle your payment processing needs.